Living the Brioxy Life is about redefining, for ourselves, how we shape our lives and communities. By joining our community you’re taking a step in the direction of your destiny, investing in the communities that raised us, and joining other young Black folks to build the future we need. We believe that the opportunity gap in this country is the only thing standing in our way. We want to provide the resources, tools and hacks to help you close that gap.  

Brioxy gives you access to important wellness and personal growth events, a national tribe and the chance to hear from some of the most dynamic people of color in the country. Learn how to build intentional communities that are healthy, whole and sovereign.

Living the Brioxy Life is about redefining, for ourselves, how we shape our lives and communities. All you need are the right tools.

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Black Leadership

Our boot camp for Black innovators is designed for leaders working on sovereignty— across multiple sectors. From in person four day sessions to this online platform we cover leadership, management, governance, strategic planning, fundraising, finances, marketing, grant writing, evaluation, personal ecology/self care and more.

     "Brioxy is a social capital network designed to invest in the work of Black innovators so that they can then invest in our communities. Buying homes, launching businesses that hire Black people, creating pathways to affordable housing and taking back white led non profits.  


Giving people the opportunity to redefine success not as getting out of the hood but investing back into it.  

-Ebony, August 2016 

Black Panthers 50 Years Later: What They Wanted Is What We (Still) Need


Hacking Social Capital

"Ultimately what we're trying to build is the insider guide to the world for young people of color, How do we learn to hack and learn to access social capital?"

Cultivating Black Joy

"We want Brioxy to be a space where you not only get inspired but get practical hands on experience to lead a better life, have more joy,"

Inspiration. Tribe. Community.

"We're building an incubator, a space for innovators to connect, collide and learn from one another. We support leaders to leverage their talent to transform their hoods."

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