Got BIG Dreams?

We give Black innovators the tools to create solutions that are FOR US in the communities we come from. From project management to fundraising-- it's all right here. 


Organize Yourself.

Building a System to Manage Your Vision.

We believe that until you organize yourself. You limit your own potential.

How do you manage your time? How to increase your task management? How do we not burn out?

Our tools will help double your ability to get things done and get you that much closer to achieving your dreams.

Lead with Others.

Social Change Led by People of Color in Our Hoods = Justice.

The outdated model of backing young white people to save communities of color is a failed project.

We need to grow our own. Our leadership development tools will help you to run a strong non profit or social enterprise while finding balance in your life.

Build Collective Community.

Home Buyer Tools & Resources to Buy Land Collectively

Until we own and control the businesses and institutions in our communities we cannot be self sufficient.

We support innovators to build sustainable third spaces between work and home for communities of color to thrive.

We help innovators of color to buy and invest TOGETHER in OUR neighborhoods.


Our Brioxy Breakfast Club is a virtual community of Black innovators building incredible solutions to the most pressing problems in our hoods. It's a space to learn from one another while getting the best tools in building a successful organization or business. 

Membership includes monthly updates, our best tools for organizing yourself, monthly personal assistant tasks, plus unlimited access to our community of leaders. 


At the core of our vision for Black sovereignty is self reliance, community owned infrastructure and neighborhood level organizing.

We are part of the City Dibs network training leaders to build transformative spaces and organizations led by Black folks in hoods across the country.

We're designing an online immersive for Black innovators that will be released this fall. We will offer strategy, marketing and branding, financial management essentials, raising capital, buying land, building a strong team and how to build a sustainable culture. All right here. 

Imagine where you could be a year from now...

Too often we think we need to wait until we have all the pieces figured out. But it's the action that you take in this moment that will be the factor in whether you succeed. Let us help you take the guess work out of why some folks rise and others fail.


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